3 days 5 dollars

When I started the challenge I decided to hold back some money in case I planned poorly at the outset. I’m glad I did as I have been worried about running out of food but at least I have the sense I can still get more with my last 5 dollars. I try to imagine what I would do if I was on welfare and some unexpected cost came up. It would be a disaster. Five dollars does not really buy much protein and that is what I am low on.  I have a banana, 3 small apples, some peanut butter, eggs and bread left for breakfast and lunches but only a small serving of canned tuna left for 3 days of suppers. No  vegetables or carbs left.  I was lucky at the start to get some discarded vegetables at a dollar for a small bag but I woke up in the night stressing that I might not get that deal today. Normally, I seldom ever think about my grocery bill and certainly never worry about it. Sure I may complain about how much food my son goes through or the price of chicken. But I have learned that with such a tight budget I am regularly fretting over food. I also hope to buy something to give me a bit of variety as chick peas and canned tuna are wearing a bit thin. Food should be associated with enjoyment not with stress. Trish from the Poverty Reduction Coalition is working on a campaign that shows how people on low incomes are some of the hardest working people in our society. True. Managing food on $26 for the week is hard and not enjoyable work.

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