Words make me hungry

Earl Grey tea is really bugging me. Just hearing the words, this morning when my partner and child were having breakfast, was sheer torture. I think that was actually the hardest thing I endured on Wednesday, the first full day: going without any coffee or tea. Coffee is certainly my biggest vice – I spend a lot of time in cafes on Main street in my neighbourhood, I even roast my own coffee beans sometimes, I’m pretty hooked. So going cold turkey – which I did ten or so years ago, for about a year, was pretty hard. I had a headache all day long, and no energy. So caffeine’s been my crutch, my (legal) drug. And, then, hearing my partner talk about the tea she was having, that was pretty difficult. Or seeing restaurant names, the piles of food in our kitchen, the fruit on the counter. Pomegranates! They’re so fresh right now, those red pearly buds that taste – no, I have to stop. Plus, I packed a lunch today (I’m at the SFU Burnaby campus, then giving a talk at Cariboo Secondary in Burnaby – my campus is not behind picket lines, unlike the Harbour Centre and Woodwards campuses) – eggplant and rice and some lentils – but forgot to bring an apple. An hour to go till lunch!

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