Welfare week day 3

Thinking about pregnant women on welfare as I am in my 22 week of pregnancy. I am continuing to take my pre-natal vitamin which feels more important than ever this week. I’ve learned women on welfare can get extra dollars to buy these ($45/month). I like the intention but with just $26 a week to purchase food how likely is at woman would use the extra she is given for prenatal vitamins? 

I have the additional comfort of knowing that the baby will take from me any vitamins and minerals it needs if i don’t get the best nutrition this week. But i have the luxury of knowing the first 21 weeks of this pregnancy I’ve been able to eat a rich, balanced and healthy diet. I have the stores for this baby to draw on this week if needed. Any doctor will also tell you that the key to a healthy pregnancy is being in good health BEFORE you get pregnant and ensuring you have enough folic acid and other vitamins and minerals in your system in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is very important for the babies development. Clearly a welfare diet can’t give these women and their babies a good health base for being pregnant. Clearly raising the rates would be a step in the right direction. I would also love to know what the cost and benefit might be of providing outright vitamin supplements for all women of childbearing age on welfare? 

Gus  ate a double portion of banana oatmeal finishing off the pre-made supply meaning I had to have something else. 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and a smoothie made with milk, banana and a couple of Gus’s strawberries. I took stock of our supplies this morning. I am doubtful we will get to the end of the week.

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