Participant bio – Selim Sora

Name: Selim Sora

Live: Vancouver

About myself: I work night shifts for PHS Community Services at Onsite (drug withdrawal and stabilization) as a mental health worker. In addition to other obstacles, the majority of individuals I encounter through my work are forced to survive on welfare.

Why I am taking the Challenge: It has been years since I have been on welfare myself so I thought I could benefit from this challenge to help me relate to what recipients are currently subsisting on, in addition to helping raise awareness regarding the inadequate rates. I’m also thinking this challenge might train be to be more frugal in my grocery shopping in the future.

My worries: I know I won’t have the greatest variety in my choice of meals which I prepared for. My concerns are that I do not want to sacrifice my health in the process, and I am not willing to eat low nutrient food nor do I want to constantly feel hungry by skimping on portion sizes.

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