Participant bio – Natalie Choy

Name: Natalie Choy

Live: Richmond

About myself: I am a fairly recent UBC graduate from the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. I am now working for Vancouver Coastal Health as a Registered Dietitian. I really enjoy cooking, trying new recipes and exploring different cuisines.

Why I am taking the challenge: Through volunteering with various community groups and community kitchens, I have seen the effects of poverty. I think for me, the scary thing is that there are lots of children living in poverty. Nutrition is so important for growing kids! To take that away from them is to knock them down a couple flights of stairs, while their peers continue running up the stairs to success. I find it astonishing how in less than 10 minutes, you could travel from a home where a child vacations in Mexico, eats steak and lobster for dinner regularly and has everything s/he needs and more – to a home where a child goes to bed hungry and wakes up to no breakfast. I know there’s no quick fix to poverty, but I hope that by doing this challenge, I can inspire people to start thinking and talking about an issue that is often swept under the rug or “solved” with a band-aid solution.

Worries about the challenge: I worry that I will not have enough energy to do what I normally do. I plan to continue my usual exercise routine of walking, dance classes and yoga – so hopefully what I have selected will be enough.

I also plan to blog about my experience:

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