Today was another big cooking day for me. I spent at least two hours preparing lunch and dinner, but I will be able to have leftovers from both of those meals tomorrow.

One item I have in excess is oil. I wanted oil for salad dressing, and the smallest bottle I could find is 500 ml. So I’ve been trying to think of yummy things I could fry up, and I remembered how my grandma used to fry very thin slices of potato. So I just used half of one of my two potatoes to make fried potatoes to go with my mung beans and rice. I also used the last of my bok choy and most of my broccoli for dinner.


At lunch I made one of my favourite recipes – bean cakes. I soaked the rest of the adzuki beans and then processed them with some cabbage and salt. I combined this with a fried clove of garlic and half of my onion and then fried the cakes. They were pretty good, even though I used a lot less seasoning than I normally would. And I have enough bean cake batter for another couple of meals.

I had too much fried food for one day, but it was definitely more satisfying than what I ate the last two days. I’m still really missing caffeine and dairy though.

I’m going out this evening, so I’m having an earlier dinner. I’m nervous that I will be hungry later, though since I had a big lunch I didn’t eat any almonds today – hopefully they will be enough for when I get home tonight. If not, I guess I will be making oatmeal. Again.

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