Day 3

I am in the midst of caffeine withdrawal and its raining cats and dogs. I have been eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast (which I normally do anyway) however, I have none of the trimmings (cinnamon/nutmeg/nuts/raisins ect…) that make oatmeal yummy and a joy to eat. I skipped lunch because I had errands to run and it completely slipped my mind to pack a lunch.  Now normally I would just grab a bite on the run, but alas, today that was not possible and by the time I got home I was really cranky. I even cancelled on a social event because I needed to eat.  When I got home  I  desperately needed a snack; an apple, granola bar, toast ANYTHING would have sufficed but when I looked into my ‘welfare’ food shelf  all I saw were my bulk lentils, beans and miniscule amounts of spice. I passive aggressively made pumpkin soup and did my laundry.
I wonder how people do this on a daily basis?  I was hungry and that affected my mood to the point of not wanting to go to a public talk at Langara because I was unable to focus.  At one point I remember thinking, ‘ If they serve snacks at this talk then it would be worth my time..’

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