Beans, beans, the musical fruit…

Day three has come and gone, and HERE’S an unanticipated outcome of the Food Challenge! I’m an omnivore, and eat a lot of beans and rice throughout the year, in part ’cause the fellah I live with is Mexican. We eat red beans and rice, refried black beans, as well as chicken, pork and even just beans in various molé sauces. Because I’ve chosen to eat eggs for my protein this week (along with beans and peas) and also cabbage and a taste of garlic, I’ve been cursed with the most room-clearingly nasty farts I’ve had in years!
Now be this as it may, I startd to think about how it might impact people in social situations (as it’s impacted me, I might add…) One has a choice of holding it in and starting to suffer after a while, or letting it loose and significantly impacting one’s ability to make and keep friendships. What if “the urge” comes while I’m talking to my boss? Or out talking to a group of Moms about feeding their kids – Will it impact my professional demeanour? For me, this is just another thing that people have to add to the list of things to manage while dealing with poverty – Healthy, yet inexpensive foods give you gas. Oh, I know it will get better as the week goes by, and my body gets used to this new diet, but I know know that it’s never going to completely go away!
I’m noticing as I read other peoples blogs, that there’s a whole group of us that are eating the same things: Oatmeal is really popular, as are beans and rice, eggs, maybe peanut butter, and cheap vegetables like cabbage and carrots. People are buying $1.00 bags of fruits & veg, too, with lots of cauliflower, apples and maybe peppers. What I’m finding with all of this, is that there’s a certain boringness factor starting to emerge. I like oatmeal, but I’m not sure that I’m going to like it for breakfast every day for the rest of the week – I’m thinking that I’ll maybe cook up a really thick batch, cool it down in a flat pans, cut it into squares with a kinfe, and fry it up like polenta (instead of potatoes or rice). Is anybody else getting bored with food?
Tonight, I’m planning a black bean and bok choy stir-fry for supper, with some onion and carrot of taste and colour. With, as you might imagine, rice on the side.
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