Alone among others

Last night I went to an event that Trish Kelly, the other Co-Chair from the Food Policy Council, and many others helped to put on at the Roundhouse Community Centre. It was a phenomenally organized and fun event with loads of great displays and entertainment. Some of my favourite people in Vancouver were in the room for panels and discussion about what role Vancouver’s parks and community centres could play in supporting neighbourhood food systems. I could tell there was a buzz in the room and a general excitement about the possibilities. And I felt flat. I wanted to be there to support what is happening and do what I could to contribute, but honestly felt as if I was just floating around only kind of there. Perhaps the thing that seemed most real was my continuing dull headache. I sipped my water and made small talk but felt my energy to truly engage with people was absent. I wonder if others there who know me well enough noticed my lack of presence. I can’t imagine continuing like this, and the impact it would have on my work and social life.

Also, I have found I have about an hour of feeling good after consuming a meal, but not that long after the fog rolls in and along with it the hollow feeling in my belly. This leaves me constantly looking forward to my next meal and how I know I will feel, at least temporarily. That being said, time for my daily quick oats with apple and cinnamon.

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