What can I do?

A good question posed last night at the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting. Several of us on the Welfare Food Challenge were invited to talk about the issue of food security and people’s right to food. I was surprised at the turnout but also the keen interest of people in the Challenge. As I expected, my friends and colleagues all comment to me about it and are very supportive. They clearly want to see welfare rates addressed. But I have been surprised about the extent of interest. Yesterday I had two acquaintances tell me that they have taken up the challenge. I was really surprised that the challenge was mentioned by the blogger doing the Richmond 365 Diet. It’s worth a read to get insight into how people respond to the idea of someone being hungry. So it is clear a lot of people have become engaged. But what to do? The simple answer is to email your MLA as it is our provincial government that is ultimately responsible for welfare rates. Ask a simple question. Do you think welfare rates are adequate? Or if you are convinced that the health of people on welfare is a serious concern because of the poverty they face, ask him or her another simple question – what are you going to do about it?

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