The best peanut butter sandwich I have ever eaten

Well I am just home from the Vancouver Food Policy Council meeting tonight, and despite an inspiring meeting (I will come back to that) the only thing that was really on my mind on my way home was the peanut butter sandwich I was going to make myself the minute I got in the door..It was indeed the third of the day, but by far the most satisfying. I had quick oats with an apple and some cinnamon for breakfast and had leftovers from last night, lentils and rice, for lunch, which left two peanut butter sandwiches and an apple for dinner. If I am totally honest I was doing work at my computer this afternoon when I was seduced by the lure of the sandwiches at 4pm, a time of day when I normally would have gone for some assorted nuts and a piece of fruit. The problem was I had a long night ahead of me with chairing the meeting and knew it probably would catch up with me. The reality is that the four pieces of 60% whole wheat bread, that was so cheap at Buy-Low, that made up my sandwiches really has nothing too it. I think the two loaves together weigh half as much as the bread that I would normally eat, which must say something about how much nutrition and calories are actually in it. And those sandwiches definitely did not hold me over throughout the meeting, because before the meeting was half over I could feel and hear my stomach rumbling. So when I came home, going for one more peanut butter sandwich, though it may not seem to be that exciting at another time, it really was. It took all I had, and a few strong words from my wife, to stop myself from eating more. It at least temporarily appeased my belly, but didn’t go too far in helping my headache go away, something I get when I know my blood sugar is low. And maybe more troubling is that my three sandwiches now have me one quarter through my bread supply after only a little more than one day.

To return to the meeting tonight, I can definitely say it was one of the powerful and inspiring Food Policy Council meetings I have ever been to. And that is a fair amount after almost never missing a meeting over the past five years. The sheer volume of people present was more than we have ever seen, to the point that we had to get out more fold-able chairs for folks to sit on. The presentation by Paul Taylor and responses from Ted Bruce, Fraser Stuart and Gerry Kasten so calmly but clearly laid out the issues. Their words and conviction and the responses and passion of others in the room give me the hope. They give me hope that if we continue to have these important conversations and continue to call out for change something can happen.

I think that is for tonight as I think that is all my brain can muster. Apologies if there are more typos and my sentences are less coherent than normal.

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