One of the slowest runs I have had in a while

Well, I did it. I just went for a run. It’s not an unusual thing for me to do on a weekday morning before having a shower and some breakfast before getting down to work for the day. However, this was the first time I have exercised since starting the Welfare Food Challenge. I decided to play it cautious as I went to bed and woke up feeling a little hungry (even after that delicious peanut butter sandwich last night before bed). So I decided I would shorten my usual route, doing a few less laps around Trout Lake, and go a fair bit slower than usual. Despite the hollow feeling in my stomach as I slowly jogged (about a minute and a half slower than I usually would) I didn’t feel too horrible. So it was 5.2km and cost my body 381 calories (according to the running watch I was given last Christmas). I knew for myself that I had to try keeping up some, though reduced, form of exercise during this Challenge, but I am worried that those 381 calories might hurt me later in the day. More on that to come…
I believe exercise is such an important part of both my physical and mental health. I can’t imagine what life would be like having to reduce or eliminate regular exercise in order to have to try to subsist on $26/week.

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