Day 1

Started a day later than everyone else because I decided to do this last minute and between work and school, definitely didn’t have enough time to plan.

Went grocery shopping. Spent ridiculously long amounts of time in each aisle using my cell phone calculator trying to stay in budget. Hoped to keep $2 left over for later. Finally done and I was wrong. 91 cents left for my emergency food fund….I feel so secure 😛

And here’s the loot:

And thank you Superstore for your borderline 50% off food. Otherwise Popeye and Granny Smith would have had to duke it out to see who got to fill my nutritional needs for the week.

Hello dinner! It tastes much better than it looks, I promise. Sadly I already cheated and used chilli powder, salt and pepper from home – I couldn’t bring myself to eat chilli without the actual “chilli” and buying spices would have annihilated a third of my food budget. At least I said goodbye to brown rice, which was twice the cost and probably twice the health value of good old white rice.

Sugar withdrawal headache already…is Tylenol considered part of the food budget? Yaay my two favourite things to go to sleep with: hunger and a headache. Day 2 here I come!

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