Participant bio – Princess Margaret Secondary School in Surrey, BC

Students and teachers in the Community Leadership Class are taking the challenge!

Back Row: Afnan Niseng, Baldeep Sahota, Aaaqil Hassan, Bhuvan Sharma, Murad Ahmed-Mangi, Priya Sharma

Front Row: Hussan Bhullar, Ms. Carolyn Bell (teacher), Ms. Fernanda Luvisotto (teacher), Gabrielle Chan, Hannah Generoso, Aisha Mohhammed

Live: Surrey BC

Why Taking the Challenge: We are taking part in this group challenge as part of our commitment to raising awareness about the issues of poverty in BC and throughout Canada. We are hosting Poverty Awareness Week at our school this week and running various events to help reach our goals. By taking the welfare challenge, this is one more way for us to help educate our community about the issues surrounding poverty and about the need for our province to adopt a poverty reduction plan. We hope that through writing to our local and provincial politicians our voice will be heard and will help put pressure on the government.

As a group, we have discussed the difficulty we will face during this 7 day challenge. We know if will not be easy. But then again, living in poverty is far from easy. We all feel that the sacrifice we are making is something that many people in BC must face every week. This is their everyday reality. We know the message we are sending to our community will far outway any discomfort or challenges we will face. We can do this!

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