Hungry, almost cheated right away

I started my challenge today at noon, when some of us met at Buy-Low at Kingsway and 10th. After talking to fellow challengers, people living on welfare, and the organizers, and some media, I went into the grocery store to get some apples ($3.99) and a bag of oatmeal ($3). Someone pointed out on twitter the irony of spending money at Jimmy Pattison’s store (he covers the spectrum, from Buy-Low to Save-On Foods all the way up to Urban Fare) – since Pattison is arguably no friend of working and poor people. But consumer ethics are for the middle class – if you’re poor (or living that way for a week), you buy things are cheap, and damn the philosophers! I then took the bus over to Capilano University to give a reading in a creative writing class, and the instructor, the poet Kim Minkus, gave me a bottle of water. Should I drink it? Does it count? I drank it. Then I went with my friend the writer Anne Stone to pick up her daughter from daycare – and the kids were eating pasta. Sheer agony! Not even 4 pm and I’m already starved. Anne gave me a ride home, and I kept seeing all these restaurants on Nanaimo. This was torture – how the hell would I last a week? On the way home I stopped at a grocery store we call “Super Fruit Fly” at Main and 14th and bought a 3 lb bag of onions for $1.29. So now I’ve spent $18.64. When I got home I had an apple while I started cooking the rice and lentils. I hadn’t pre-soaked the lentils so they took over an hour. I squeezed a quarter lime into a glass of water, then squeezed it again over my meal. I Had two helpings, and had enough left for lunch tomorrow.

PS: I’m also tweeting about this: @Prof_Clinty

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