Day 2 comes and goes – with a Math Update!

So let’s start with the lessons I’ve learned so far – The first is: Don’t do math after ten at night!  I was calculating how many Canada’s Food Guide Servings, and thought that 7 X 7 = 35 for some reason – So  now I’m a bit more worried about  my nutrition. I’m supposed to be getting 49 servings of vegetables and fruits, and 49 servings of grains. I have 32 servings of vegetables and 37 servings of grains – So that brings totals to:
Vegetables and fruit: 17 food guide servings short of CFG recommendations
Grains: 12 food guide servings short
Milk: 17 servings short
Meats/Alternates: 1 serving short.
So, before, I was worried about getting enough calcium – Now Im worried about getting enough calcium, enough B Vitamins, enough Vitamin C, D and E and meeting my requirements for Iron and Zinc. With all of the oatmeal, brown rice and lentils I’m eating, I’m not worried about fibre, but I am worried that all of that fibre will interfere with absorbing my iron, calcium and zinc! I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine – I have a bit of extra oats and rice. And, I still have $2.40 left to spend, too!
Lesson 2: Maybe I have a big mouth…
While I was shopping, I wanted to buy some cabbage. But the store only had GREAT BIG cabbages – More than I needed. So I went to find the produce manager, to ask to have a cabbage cut in half (So I’d have a more reasonable purchase size). While I was looking for the produce manager, I actually found the bok choy that I bought – cheaper than cabbage, and smaller, too. Finding store staff and asking to have a cabbage cut in half was no big deal for me – I’m a regular in the store, a respected nutritionist, and have the aforementioned big mouth. But I thought about having to find someone to cut the cabbage in half, every single time! What would that be like?
Lesson 3: Sharing could suck…
I made a tasty kitcheree out of the soup mix I purchased, some brown rice, carrots and a bit of onion. I cooked it all up, and it was pretty tasty! I had made a lot, so I’d have some left over for lunch. BUT, then the fellah I live with said that he’d like some. He’s not on the challenge, but he knows that I am, mostly from all of the labelled food in the fridge. So do I let him have some? Do I remind him  that I can’t afford to share? Do I just suck it up? What would it be like to face that decision very time I wanted to share food, to break bread with my friends?
Tonight I’m going to the Vancouver Food Policy Council Meeting – Hope to see everyone there!
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