Participant bio – Trish Garner

Name: Trish Garner
Live: Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

About myself: I’m the Community Organizer for the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition and a concerned parent of three children under 5.

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I’m taking the Welfare Food Challenge to raise awareness about the completely inadequate welfare rates people are expected to live on in British Columbia – $610 a month is simply not enough – and to urge the government to raise the rates! I’m also doing it because as a parent I can’t believe we allow children to go hungry on welfare in this province. It affects children’s development – physically, socially and intellectually – and the government needs to step up and take action. This isn’t happening somewhere else – this is happening in our own communities, in our own province. We need to raise the welfare rates and we need to do it now!

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