Participant bio – Robert de Ocampo

name: robert de ocampo
about me: i came to Canada when i was 10 years old.  My family were in welfare programs and i remember how we survived through it.  Now i’m working in a grocery store, been doing that for 15+ years now.  I’m pretty good at picking out great deals and i’ve been living on my own for quite sometime now – so i’m no stranger to extreme budgeting (though not regularly practised).
why i’m taking the challenge: it was interesting when i saw the tweets few days ago and thought that I CAN do that challenge.  however i know that this is to raise awareness and help out the lower income;  this is important to help others in need.
any worries: well since i’ll be blogging this experience (and i’m really excited by the way) i’m worried that i’ll be broadcasting my eating pattern to the world.  i don’t usually eat 3 times a day, often i’ll have one full meal and snacks to keep me through the day.  for this challenge, i will for the most part will eat 3 meals and enjoy snacks in between.  and the biggest factor is eating healthy, and i plan on eating as much “greens” as possible.
Robert will be blogging about his experiences at
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