Participant bio – Molly Knox

Name: Molly Knox

Live: Vancouver

About myself: I am Homalco First Nations and grew up on Vancouver Island. I am an undergraduate student at UBC studying Global Resource Systems, with a focus on food security among Indigenous populations. As part of my Land, Food, and Community 350 course, my group is working with the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House to help advocate for increased welfare rates in BC. I work at the Institute for Aboriginal Health at UBC, and I love growing, cooking, and sharing food.

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I hope that participating in this challenge will be a way of engaging in advocacy for food justice and will contribute to raising awareness about the need for social justice and higher welfare rates in this province. While I am only participating for a week, I hope it will broaden my own perspective about the right to food and will also raise the awareness of those around me.

My worries: I worried about keeping my energy up this week and tackling midterms and classes at UBC without my usual amounts of coffee.

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