Participant bio – Greg Masuda

Name: Greg Masuda

Live: Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

About myself: I’ve been volunteering on the Downtown Eastside with organizations such as the Powell Street Festival, DTES Neighbourhood House, and Hope In Shadows. I am now part of a research project that is studying the legacy of human right, branding, and place in the Downtown Eastside.

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I come from a comfortable, middle-class upbringing. I am university educated and I enjoyed a successful corporate career for over a decade. I do not have mental illness, I have no addictions, and I have a loving and supportive family. I now work in the arts so I don’t make much money, but I am not on welfare. I doubt I will ever understand the stresses and challenges that someone living on welfare would face. Since I work and volunteer with so many people who do live on welfare, I would like to better understand the conditions under which they must survive. The Welfare Food Challenge is a small way for me to do that.

My worries: I am concerned that I might ‘cheat’ if I get hungry! I am still finishing Thanksgiving leftovers so my meals have been quite large for the last week!

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My twitter feed is @GregMasuda.
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