Participant bio – Emma Djilali

Name: Emma Djilali

Live: South Cambie – Vancouver

About myself: I was born in Victoria, BC and grew up with the under the impression that tree-climbing was a legitimate sport – enough said. Low and behold, I arrived at UBC, discovered the  cold, rational world of market economies and supply and demand graphs, and found myself strangely enchanted by their application to the disastrous state of global affairs. I am now a 3rd-year student studying Global Resource Systems with a focus on development economics.

Why I am doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I would love to see our society shift towards a more sustainable and less growth-oriented political and economic system – one that is strong throughout, not simply at the upper rungs of the social ladder. As a result, I have decided that I cannot isolate myself from the challenges facing members of my community simply because they do not directly affect me. I am proud to be a Vancouverite, but I am not proud of the fact that BC’s current welfare system and the cost of living in Vancouver prevents certain individuals from feeding themselves and their families properly. In doing the Challenge, I hope to gain some insight, show my support, and establish a better standpoint from which to advocate poverty reduction in BC.

My worries: I am a chronic failure when it comes to preparing my lunches the night before… I envision multiple early-morning scrambles that will most likely result in rice and beans on the floor, and a missed bus.

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