Participant bio – Caitlin Donnelly

Name: Caitlin Donnelly

Lives: Vancouver

About myself: I’m a graduate student at UBC, doing research in plant cell biology. I’ve had some experience doing volunteer work that touches on social justice issues, but nothing directly related to poverty/welfare rates. My friend Gabriel, who is involved in right-to-food activism, convinced me to take the challenge.

Why I’m doing the challenge: I’m participating partly to support my friend who is also doing the challenge, and also because it seems like a small sacrifice to make to raise awareness about the status of welfare recipients.

Worries: I’m a bit concerned about going through sugar withdrawal, since $26 won’t cover junk food. I’m also worried about the cravings that I know I’ll get after exercising, because I’ll be doing some sport or other most days of the week. That said, I’m actually fairly confident that I can manage to plan a balanced diet (if not a varied one), because I’m vegan and have lots of experience eating “weird” food.


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