Participant bio – Alexis Farley

Name: Alexis Farley

Live: East Vancouver

About myself: I am a new addition to East Vancouver! I recently moved to Vancouver after a couple of years of traveling and living in Nairobi. I am currently working at a B&B cooking, baking, and any other behind-the-scene duties that it takes to keep an old Victorian mansion functioning!

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I have recently become very interested, and therefore, alarmed and quite frankly disturbed by food security issues. I have witnessed many people accepting unappetizing, expired, unhealthy food simply because that was their only option. I want to become more involved in changing this reality that many face, particularly in the Downtown Eastside and what better way to begin than by living it first hand for a week.

My worries: Honestly, the first thought that comes to mind is that I will VERY much miss my glass or two) of wine! I am also anticipating it will be very difficult socially (going for a coffee, out for dinner, ect) and having to mindfully plan meals and outings. Also, I am a bit concerned about the logistics of preparing meals for my job and not being able to taste as I go.

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