My “What If” Dilemma

Now that I have gone grocery shopping, it has hit home to me that I might run out of food before the end of the week. Obviously this is not a huge problem for me doing this just for a week. So I fast for a day. No big deal.  I know it is very time limited. But it brought home for me the real stress this must place on someone on welfare. I have been mulling over my options. I am not going to use a food bank or drop in for the community meal at the church down the street here in Richmond. As agreed to for the challenge, we don’t want to take food from those in real need. As well the point of this challenge is to make clear people in our society should not have to rely on charity to meet their basic need for food. This dilemma is not fair for someone on welfare. And what if I had kids and I ran out of food?  What did I just write? A parent passing up food so their child can eat. Or knowing my kid is going to go hungry at the end of the week. Happens here. Shouldn’t. The part that strikes me most on Day 1 is that it would not take a whole lot to stretch my budget to where I would feel comfortable that at least I would not run out of food. It is not a huge thing Raise the Rates is asking.

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