Grocery shopping

So it’s done – I went shopping and got my food! I did most of my shopping for grains in the bulk section, so I could buy exactly the amount I needed. I got brown basmati rice (I really can’t stand the boring flavour of plain ol’ brown rice.) And I got rolled oats for breakfast. I had to get a litre of milk, for putting on my oats, and I got some apples and bananas for cutting up and mixing with the oats, or, just to eat: 6 apples and 5 bananas (I’m always a little disturbed that bananas are the cheapest fruit in the supermarket – even in a fruit-producing province!) I got some onions for flavour (4), and some potatoes (3) as a break from rice, and a few carrots. .– I might also make a vegetable frittata. I found that Bok Choy was about 2/3 of the cost of the cabbage I was going to buy, so I got that. I also wanted to get some broccoli, but it was just too much money – Instead I got a loaf of bread for my lunches, likely mostly egg sandwiches. And for suppers, I got some black beans and some split peas. The split peas are actually “soup mix” which was about 30 cents cheaper per 100 g, because there’s a bit of barley mixed into them.
I thought a lot about where to go for groceries. I know I can get more food if I shop on Commercial Drive, or in the markets near Chinatown on Powell and Gore – But I thought it would be a fairer comparison to buy from a local supermarket – People often don’t have a lot of choice about where they shop.
And, of course, my big concern is about running out of food. I spent $23.60, so I have almost two and a half dollars left, for “emergencies.” I’m pretty active, what with cycling to work and going to the gym, so I eat a LOT of food – That little pile of foodstuffs on the counter looks pretty small when I think that it has to last for a week. And, like a lot of other people who are worried about running out of food, I ate an extra big supper tonight, before the challenge. It kind of annoys me that my fears are making me override my natural fullness cues. I can see how these fears can contribute to overeating!
When I check against Canada’s Food Guide, I’m running along at pretty minimal levels:
My servings:
Vegetables and fruit: 32 servings for one week
Grains:  37 servings
Milk: 4 servings
Meat and Alternates: 20 servings
Recommended servings:
Vegetables and fruit: 35 servings for one week
Grains: 35 servings
Milk: 21 servings
Meat and Alternates: 21 servings
So looks like I’ll probably get enough calories, but definitely go short on calcium – I’ll get some from the Black beans and split peas, and my bread label says that each slice will provide 2% of my daily calcium needs. But, What to do – That’s one of the reasons I took this challenge – To find out – I’m a good cook, and a pretty prudent shopper – Let’s see how the week goes!
And I’ll get, I’m hoping, some pretty yummy meals – frittata, kitcheree, Black bean stir-fry…
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