Getting ready for the Challenge

I’m just about to go grocery shopping for the Welfare Food Challenge, the week of eating on only $26. I’ve had a big breakfast of bacon and eggs, and lots of cups of tea because I won’t be able to get much protein or my caffeine fix during the week.

I’m feeling pretty nervous about the whole experience. I’m worried about not being able to cope with my very full schedule at work and at home. I’m worried about becoming a cranky parent. My kids are worried about me going hungry. My partner’s worried about me passing out. I have a history of doing that when I was younger and didn’t eat very well. Lots of people have told me I shouldn’t do it. But for me, it’s only a week; for many, it’s a lot longer. So, if my week can do anything to raise awareness about the total inadequacy of the welfare rates in BC, then it will be worth it. Here I go, off to the grocery store…

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