Ready to start

Well, I’ve gotten everything on my list and I have $2.67 left to spend later in the week. I’ll be having oatmeal with soy milk for breakfast, and beans, rice and veggies for lunch and dinner, occasionally swapping in potato instead of rice. I will use the oil with a bit of lemon juice and garlic for salad dressing, and make ginger tea. I have a small bag of almonds for a snack, and I guess if I’m really hungry I can always eat more oatmeal, since I have more oats than I will need for breakfast.

I had hoped to have at least $5 left at this point in case something comes up later in the week or I’m craving something in particular, but I wanted to have some diversity of vegetables so I ended up spending more.

I was able to make pretty healthy choices for this week and stick to a vegan, gluten, sugar-free diet because I can store food, I have the time and facilities to cook, and I was able to shop around for good deals. I still expect I will be hungry though. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve spent so far.

oats 2.29
rice 2.89
salt 0.69
almonds 1.67
azuki beans 1.49
mung beans 1.89
soy milk 1.99
oil 3.29
potatoes 1.31
ginger 0.15
spinach 0.99
lettuce 0.99
lemon 0.39
bok choy 0.91
broccoli 0.69
onion 0.52
cabbage 1.02
garlic 0.16
total 23.33
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