Participant bio – Ted Bruce

I work for Vancouver Coastal Health in the public health field where we believe in preventing illness and improving the health of eveyone rather than waiting for people to fall ill. I am married with 3 adult children. I live in Richmond. I currently co-chair the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. As a person working in health care I am concerned that people don’t know that poverty makes people sick and that it creates huge costs for society especially the health care system. We need to see poverty reduction efforts as an investment in the health of our society. For me this chaallenge can help to show people that low income people are subject to huge stresses that lead to long term chronic illness. And that we need to do something about it or pay the price in social and health care costs down the road. My biggest fear for the week is that I will be very low on energy and be unable to exercise – one of the main ways I use to stay healthy.

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