Participant bio – Mona Mah

Name: Mona Mah

Live: Langley BC

About myself: I am a single Mom of two amazing girls, one is married and the other in high school. I am a licensed professional Optician. I have worked with Ophthalmology, and laser eye surgery for years. A year and a half ago, I became very ill and am currently on long term disability, and am grateful for the benefits my job has provided. I am blessed that it meets the requirements of my family, thru this crisis. I could have had to rely on the social welfare system. It would have caused me to go into bankruptcy. I cannot image what would have happened, and was not prepared for that, if it had happened.

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I am taking the challenge to do several things. First, to show my family what it could have been like, and that we should appreciate all we have , even if it is not much and designer this or that. Second, I am not entirely sure I will be able to make the whole week on 26.00. I am very thrifty with my money and food budget, this will really test the limits.

I have given this a lot of thought, I also realize that many single recipients may not even have the amenities I have, so will buy groceries that will need little to no refrigeration. Otherwise, I didn’t feel it would be a fair test. Because I know for $26 I can go a long way if I had all the right circumstances.

My worries: I am excited and scared, I know, that the cup of coffee I enjoy everyday will not fit in the budget; it is a sacrifice I am willing to take for a great and worthwhile cause. My family will not be joining me on the venture, because they admit they will cheat everyday. They will see what I have to eat all week and my meals will be eaten with them. To a week of truths.

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