Participant bio – Ginny and Derek Wilson

Derek and I live in Port Moody.

We are both retired from careers in education (Ginny) and transportation project management (Derek). Ginny’s interests are permaculture and community gardens where I have 2 plots. I aspire to being a subsistence organic farmer. Derek’s interests are peak oil and climate change. He is a member of the City of Port Moody Community Care Committee, and is a bicycling advocate. Our two sons now have households of their own, but we live with our dog, Roxy, who will not be participating in the Challenge.

Both of us lived in 3rd world countries in the ‘70’s and have an abiding interest in social justice. We look forward to experiencing the Welfare Food Challenge where we will apply our best ideas, while
recognising that our 1-week food experiment does not truly reflect conditions of grinding poverty.

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