Participant bio – Clint Burnham

Name: Clint Burnham

Live: Mount Pleasant, Vancouver

About myself: I am an English professor at SFU and a poet and writer. I have been involved in social justice and DTES advocacy work since the late 1990s, including a number of years working with the Humanities 101 program when I was at UBC (1998-2003). I’ve also does research on gentrification and have spoken at City Hall and in the DTES urging a more equitable system of social housing.

Why doing the Welfare Food Challenge: I recognize that any hunger or need I will undergo during the one week of the challenge does not compare to the long term suffering, humiliation, and also incredible resourcefulness, required of British Columbians living in poverty – adults and children. I supports the action as a way of raising awareness of the need for social justice, and higher welfare rates, in what some call the most unliveable of liveable cities – Vancouver.

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