Grocery shopping for the Challenge

Today after going for a swim at Hillcrest pool I cycled up to Little India to buy some groceries, figuring I should be able to find healthy, affordable food there. I bought a 2 lb bag of lentils for $4.99 and a 2 lb. bag of rice for $3.99. 3 limes at 6 for a dollar (so 50cents), a carrot for 16 cents, an eggplant for 99 cents, three potatoes for 69 cents, and a Serrano chili pepper for 4 cents. Total: %10.36 (the guy mistakenly rang in my rice for $2.99, which I didn’t realize till I got home. Sorry Punjab Food Centre, but I’m not cycling back in the rain!).

I’ll get some oatmeal, coffee, and fruit tomorrow at BuyLow in Kingsgate Mall.

I guess besides anticipating missing my gourmet coffee and being hungry, I’m a bit worried that with my obsessive excercise regime (cycling, swimming, running, yoga) I’ll run out of energy. otherwise, I am going to try to blog honestly about my own stupidity & whining here: it’s the obscenity of this incredibly rich city and country that we live in, with some people like myself having everything, and so many (12% of children in BC for example), having so little.

I’ll also try to incorporate some conversations with friends/relatives who’ve lived on welfare … as a point of reference.

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